natural dyes

By: Claudy 09-05-2024

The Fort Island just off the coast of IJmuiden, will be renamed Art Island during 17-19 May 2024.

  • Tangible Transformation IV
  • Studio Claudy Jongstra, 2024
  • 2.00 X 1.55 m
  • Drenthe heath wool, Spanish Heritage merino wool, mohair, silk, handspun yarns
  • Plant-based dyes: woad, madder, weld, walnut, onion
  • Techniques: felting, plant-based dye, hand embroidery´╗┐
By: Claudy 22-02-2024

Studio Claudy Jongstra was commissioned to create several art pieces that are integrated into the lobby reception desks that greet employees and visitors at the entrances of Truist Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

By: Claudy 14-08-2023

As if you look deep down from high rough rocks and see a clear blue sea with tiny foam heads. The waves are colliding against the shore with a repeating soothing rhythm. Purifying Energetic Waves is the suitable title of the work recently placed in a private clients' home.