Panel discussion Past Forward X Claudy Jongstra in Milano

PAST Forward has already worked with partner Claudy Jongstra on several occasions, including during the Salone del Mobile 2019 for Google in collaboration with Hopkins University. Thursday the 18th of April, Jongstra, who also presents at ROOTS in this edition of the Salone, took part in the panel discussion at Masterly in Palazzo di Giureconsulti in the heart of Milan. They focused on redefining responsible, ethical values. Alongside visioneers, educators and sustainable investors, the artist and activist shared her holistic vision of how art can contribute to creating and protecting biodiversity and healthy ecosystems and how we relate to the changing world around us. A hopeful message could be developing a community with farmers, scientists, ecologists, chefs and artisans who play a key role as custodians of ancient knowledge and offer new innovative perspectives for a more sustainable future.

Giacomo Santucci, a.o. former president and CEO of Gucci, Prada and Asia Pacific, moderated the discussion together with the Director of the Fashion Departement of Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan, Michele Guazzone.

Tangible Transformation III at Salone del Mobile Milano

Claudy Jongstra's imposing travelling artwork Tangible Transformation III has touched down on an international stage for the first time: in Milan during Salone del Mobile. As part of ROOTS exhibition at Masterly, in the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, the expressive wool-felted landscape depicts an exuberant manifesto for a hopeful future full of colour and biodiversity. The composition of flowers, waving foliage and Dutch skies is brightened by the colours that splash off: the indigo blue of woad, the yellow of sunflowers, the reddish pink of corepsis the red of madder root. Whoever is in Milan; this is the chance to see the landscape in which the richness of nature is fully celebrated.

TT III at ROOTS, Masterly, 16 t/m 21 April 2024
Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, Piazza dei Marcanto 2, Milano

Tangible Transformation III
Studio Claudy Jongstra, 2023
Materials:  Drenthe Heath sheep and Spanish merino wool, mohair, silk, hand spun yarns 
Natural dyes: Demeter certified woad, sunflower, corepsis, madder root, calendula, walnut shells
Techniques: felting, dying, embroidery 








Interview Claudy Jongstra in NRC

Discover the captivating world of renowned artist Claudy Jongstra and read about her fascinating journey in the design special of NRC magazine (6-7 April, 2024). From the first love for the beautiful material wool, to the famous monumental felted art pieces and the launch of the revolutionary new brand LOADS Collection, this interview offers an insightful glimpse into Jongstra’s unparalleled artistic evolution. Special thanks to Milou van Rossem for visiting the studio and LOADS in Friesland and for the profound interview shedding light on Jongstra’s tireless commitment and contribution to the world of art, collaboration and sustainability. 

Read the article here:  

Restoration Golden Guipure in Amsterdam Public Library

Many are familiar with the monumental relief landscape that, like a golden glowing sun, warmly welcomes visitors to the entrance of the Public Library on Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam. Internationally renowned artist Claudy Jongstra transformed the concrete walls into a warm, soft and tactile space with her architectural installation entitled 'Golden Guipure'. This work, which she created especially for this building by architect and former Chief State Architect Jo Coenen, of Jo Coenen Architects and Urbanist and bought by the Gemeente Amsterdam is in need of a thorough restoration. Studio Claudy Jongstra's team, led by master artisan Anneleen Reitsma, will restore the monumental artwork in phases. On 4 April, the careful repair and cleaning of Golden Guipure, whose title refers to the contemporary application of the hand-knotted Guipure technique (a bobbin lace technique from the 18th century), began. The golden yellow lines, which resemble gracefully written sentences, refer to all the writing the library provides a home for. 

The restoration is a great opportunity to follow this impressive process live. For more dates keep an eye on our socials.

Photo Studio Claudy Jongstra, Golden Guipure, Drenthe Heath, Wensleydale and Merino wool, raw organic silk, chiffon

LC Coreopsis 23 Bench at Masterly Milano

In the more than 20-metre-long vaulted cellar of Masterly's Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan, ROOTS will descend during the Salone del Mobile. As its underground roots, ROOTS will present biobased and circular Dutch art and design, initiated and curated by Roots by Studio Simone van Es. All participating creatives underline a common topical message that contributes to the urgent transition to a more sustainable, circular world. Roots simultaneously celebrates the beauty of rich materials we get from the soil (literally our roots), a balanced intertwining of man and nature and hope. One of the highlights is a series of seating furniture resulting from a collaboration between architect Machiel Hopman and LOADS Collection by artist Claudy and son Jesk Jongstra. Jongstra has upholstered the remarkable 100% biobased and circular 'LC Coreopsis 23 Bench', made from pine parts and the Zonnekroon crop, with cushions made of high-quality cotton, cultivated by the biodynamic collective SEKEM in Egypt. The textiles in sunny shades of yellow, are dyed with the natural colour pigments of Coreopsis and onion skins. The wood of the bench is also stained with this natural dye.

Claudy Jongstra also shows for the first time on an international stage: Tangible Transformation III. The monumental wool-felted artwork from a new series is an exuberant visual manifesto depicting a hopeful alternative future full of colour and biodiversity.

Besides Claudy Jongstra and Machiel Hopman, ROOTS presents work by ConverseArchitects, Sina Dyks, Studio Simone van EsOri Orisun, Theo Rekelhof, Diana Scherer, Ian Skirvin, Roots by Simone van Es and Iris Veentjer. 

 Roots, 16 to 21 April at Masterly;

Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, Piazza dei Marcanto 2, Milano