By: Claudy 24-05-2019

Claudy Jongstra’s artworks reimagine and reconstruct textile production systems, demonstrating deep respect for the interwoven narratives of materials, landscape, and making processes. 

  • Video ©Maharam X Claudy Jongstra
By: Claudy 24-05-2019

Craft traverses intimate and collective memory alike.

  • Photo ©Studio Claudy Jongstra and ©Heleen Haijtema
By: Claudy 24-05-2019

Holistic production cycles bring living material narratives to light. In this way, materials become journalistic expressions of their own evolution.
Reintroducing rarefied haptic experiences, Jongstra's artworks provide humble encounters with natural materials and processes to foster an empathetic connection with the natural world.

  • Photo ©Studio Claudy Jongstra