LimeLights in Museum Kranenburgh

By: Claudy: 16-11-2022

Marianne van Gils, who will soon step aside as curator and head of collections at Museum Kraneburgh in Bergen, put together another exhibition entitled: 'Waar de zee licht is’. Featuring works from its own collection artists from the ‘Bergense School’ who expressively capture what they perceive visually, through artists such as Edgar Fernhout who paints his perception of natural phenomena such as light and color, to contemporary artists whose artworks depict their involvement and concerns about the fate of the world. Van Gils has supplemented the works with loans from museums, institutions and private individuals. One such artwork on which she wanted to shine the light - literally - is LimeLights, a sister to Studio Claudy Jongstra's larger traveling Guernica de la Ecología. The imposing and expressive handcrafted work of felted wool from Drenthe heath sheep, is dyed with natural dye plants from its own botanical garden in Friesland. The recipes for the colors come from sources from the 15th to the 18th century, for which the studio collaborates with scientists from the University of Utrecht and Amsterdam. 

Waar de zee licht is, On display until April 10, 2023