Art & Design at Just Haasnoot

By: Claudy: 03-06-2024

Claudy Jongstra and Just Haasnoot have been working together for more than twenty years. On the 25th of April, they opened together Jongstra's latest exhibition at the showroom in Wassenaar. At this venue, where interoir designer Haasnoot combines furniture, design objects and art into complete interiors, Jongstra shows a number of impressive artworks including the specially created new work entitled 'Florality'. As the name suggests, it depicts an abstract field of flowers in sophisticated earthy tones. For this, the artist enriched the composition of felted wool with her famous colour palette: the natural hues of Coreopsis, sunflowers and onion skins match perfectly with the floral motifs on the bowls she created a few years ago in collaboration with ceramics studio Cor Unum. Together with the bolsters, cushions, plaids and the LOADS Volume 1 X Pre-Reserved seating element from the LOADS Collection, an atmospheric and warm interior is created in which art and design reinforce each other.