Zuyderland Hospital - MC Atrium Heerlen

Zuyderland Hospital - MC Atrium Heerlen

By: Claudy: 26-11-2015

Studio Claudy Jongstra created a fresco of textile materials. 'Healing Forces', is a mural art installation spread over five walls in a corridor to the new building of the Zuyderland Hospital (MC Atrium Heerlen).  

Jongstra uses 7 planet seals like Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, the Moon as inspiration as they are pure forms and could be seen as pure thoughts. She transformed the seals into inner metamorphoses as a pathway to healing: Birth, Balance, Confrontation, Chaos, Connection, Isolation, Longing. Every seal in this healing process has its own form.

Jongstra also started with research on natural colours made by medical plants. For this mural she created a medical dyeing plant almanac. Every colour stands for a certain aspect. Colours of the Onion skin (superlative), Elderberry (comforting), Hibiscus (soothing), Valerian (sedative), Mint (being very grateful), Madder (binding) Indigo (enhancing), Calendula (stimulating growth), Chamomile (relief), Sunflower seed (expectorant), St John’s Worth (purifying) and Alkanet (melancholia).

The mural, with its subtle blends of fibers used for the background in combination with the strong composition, is made to be meaningful and enhance the wellness of patients and care givers.

'Healing Forces' is part of the art collection of the Zuyderland Hospital Medical Center, located in Heerlen, the Netherlands.