Tapestry Mortuary

Tapestry Mortuary

By: Claudy: 18-06-2015

A very special and honourable project for Studio Claudy Jongstra was the creation of a tapestry for the mortuary next to a Chapel of the Sisters of Dominicans in Nijmegen The Netherlands. This art piece adds beauty and consolation to this very special room and offers a healing force for the grief of the mourners.

With this tapestry in the mortuary Claudy visualizes the first steps of the transition from human life to spiritual life. 


The bottom part of this handmade ‘gobelin’ shows the earth, the movement in the composition above let people experience the transition from the bottom part to the top of the tapestry. With other words: from the soil of the earth to the translucent fragile light of the sky.

This tapestry can be seen as ‘a still’ of a landscape, in which the eyes can travel around.

This art project has been created i.c.w. Oomen architects NL.