By: Claudy 02-11-2020

Claudy Jongstra's artistic and activist practice is the driving force behind her solo exhibition at Museum De Lakenhal. "Who still knows anything about plant-based colour?" ("Wie weet nog iets van een plantaardige kleur?") documents the translation of Jongstra's atelier and sustainable working farm & field lab into a multi-sensory exhibition experience.


  • Film by Marit Geluk
By: Claudy 02-11-2020

“For a long time I have been called a ‘wool artist’ - a nice name, sweet, non-threatening. But it is also bullshit. I am an activist. I want to encourage people to take action.” - Claudy Jongstra

At Museum De Lakenhal, Claudy Jongstra restores the connection between humankind and nature, between knowledge and material, with a solo exhibition that appeals to all the senses. 

  • Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, NL (30 October 2020 - 28 February 2021)
  • Photography ©Ronald Tilleman