By: Claudy 20-11-2014

Felt wrapped on panels. The 15 large-scale art panels in the Lightcourt are all different.

  • Barnes Foundation, USA, 2012
  • Mother of Pearl Wallcovering
  • TWBT Architects
  • Size 1 panel: 2.50 m x 2.50 m
  • Material: tussah silk, merino wool
By: Claudy 19-11-2014

This is a large-scale textile wallcovering for the new Fries Museum. The instructions for this wallcovering in the entry hall of the new museum, to open in 2013, were to create a visualization of the Frisian landscape.

  • Fries Museum, NL, 2013
  • Frisian landscape, wallcovering
  • Bierman Henket architects
  • Size: 25 m x 6.50 m
  • Material: raw silk, Drenthe heath sheep wool, Wensleydale wool